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Monday, March 24, 2014

Missing Malaysia Jet 370/Enough already

                                          I really don't mean to seem uncaring. Really, my heart goes out to those who had loved ones on that missing flight. But, the media has made a ratings war about it. The next time I want to her "BREAKING NEWS" It really should be . Not that yet another country has released a photo of something floating in the Indian Ocean so far away that all that can be for sure is that it isn't water. And stop having hour long news stories without any for sure developments. People tune in thinking they have answers when all they have is conjecture from someone who was once a pilot that says "It could be this " or "It could have happened like that". Firstly and foremost remember that anything released from the Chinese Gov't will be what they want you to know and take it with a grain of salt. This is a Gov't that are not fans of  freedom of information.Not that there is a Government out there that is 100% straight forward but I think we have a leg up on most of them.
                                        That being said, Am I the only one in the world that thought all flights could be tracked on radar no matter where they were or went in the world? I really did. I mean, I can sit in my home and power up my computer and with google earth, I can view the world. I really thought that with the technology today, nothing was unknown and now I find out that the Indian ocean is a world less traveled by any country in the world. Suppose you were on a ship that lost power so your beacon couldn't send a distress signal, You're pretty much screwed.  Not to make light of a bad situation but, remember the show "Lost"?  Survivors of a plane crash are out there somewhere and the world(literally) can not find them because they are in  remote part of the world. Something I thought only existed in the movies and television shows.Whatever happened to explorers like Columbus and Magellan (to name a couple) that traveled into areas where no man has gone before just to see what is there? 


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