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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Vicious Cycle

                          I just read another great article in The Huffington Post about how a recent study shows that it is much cheaper to house the homeless than to let them live in the streets. It was a very well written story and centered on a few residents of a Housing first program that believes that getting a homeless person housing will lead to helping them get over other problems in their life.
                            One such resident was victim to job loss and then roommate loss before housing loss and then of course comes the loss of self respect. This loss is then multiplied many times over because many would find themselves trying to forget their strife and put it into a bottle or worse yet by putting a needle in their arm. This of course leads to addiction, this leads to crime and so forth .....medical problems occur and now you can figure out the rest of the story.
                          A housing first program puts homeless into housing without drug testing or requiring sobriety with the idea that they(male or female res.) will regain their self esteem, their sense of worth, and will regain their health.This will inspire to find gainful employment and will work to better their lives and I say bravo to this program as long as their is a timeline to abide to.
                            In all this is what the idea was behind the start of the welfare programs. To give a helping hand momentarily. To take a person off the street and help them to rediscover what life is like from another view. There is an old joke about a man who needs a job but, to get to the job he needs a car but the only way to get the car is to have a job.
                             The only way this saves anything is with time restraints on how long it can be done before these people are put into the job working class where they then have to spend hard earned dollars on housing, food and so forth. Many will do this and many will not and there in lies the problem. Also this study was done in the short term. It may have over a small amount of time resolved some issues within that community but after you house an individual year after year and housing costs rise, so does the cost to the community. There must always be rules and limits in place or one will be taken advantage of and just like the cliche' one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.
Read it here and be sure to comment on my view here
Housing the homeless cheaper than leaving on the street


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