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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome American Idol 2014

                    The new season of American Idol has begun and almost done with the audition portion and this week we will see the first of Hollywood week shows. I am sure it is no news to everyone of you Idol fans that Hollywood week is already over and the top picks for the call in vote shows are already in place.
                     As any of you who have read my predictions for Idol in the past seasons, you already know I do a pretty bang up job at calling them. Actually last year I didn't miss until the final showdown where I picked Kree Harrison to be the next American Idol and America disagreed. I still believe Kree will go far and we haven't heard the last of her.
                     Some might believe I am a day late and a dollar short with this being my first article of this years American Idol but I actually covered it's beginning before it began when the judges were confirmed and I must say I believe I hit the nail on the head when I said that Jennifer Lopez would be very welcomed back and Harry Connick JR.  would add a new flare to the show.see it here: American-idol-new-season-new-judges .
                 I plan to do my predictions again this year and I hope all of you will come to see what I predict and how close I come to what goes down. Right now I am sure everyone is rating the judges and how are they doing. Are they living up to what you thought they would ? Sometimes they seem to get the contestants hopes too high and bring them crashing down in Hollywood. Case in point : one particular contestant finishes the audition and Jennifer says: "I can hear you making records" and one can see the hopes go up up and away. lets revisit another audition&nbsp

                            do you remember this one from last year? I do , I thought she did great and they made her feel as though she was ready for the recording studio and the concert circuit walks down the red carpet at the grammys and then tossed her in Hollywood week. All I am saying is say it's a yes or a no,
                     I am looking forward to this years Idol and putting my opinions out there for all to see.;


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