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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super bowl XLVIII in review 02/02/2014

                                         Super bowl XLVIII will go down as the one with the earliest score on the board in history. I must say , I as well as many did not think this was how the first play of the game was going to happen. Not only was it the earliest ever score but it is the first time the defense scored the first points in the game.
                                            There was a lot of smack being tossed around about this being the game between teams based in the only 2 states in the USA with legalized recreational marijuana but it appears early in the game that Denvers game plan just might go Up in Smoke. The very first play saw the snap go over the head of Manning and end up a safety for Seattle to take the lead by 2. Not long after, Seattle put 3 more points on the board with a field goal. With just over 2.5 minutes remaining in the first quarter,Denver was able to stop a TD pass and forced Seattle to settle for an 8 - 0 lead with 3 more FG points at 2:16 left in the first quarter.
                                           The first penalty in the game was against Denver for a late hit on a kick play and the first turnover was with 1:00 left when Seattle intercepted a pass from Manning. Bringing the end of the first quarter with Seattle flexing it's muscles at Denver with 8 points to their goose egg.
             Seattle took advantage of their possession by putting another 7 points on the board in their first drive in the second quarter giving them a 15 - 0 lead as Mark john Lynch made his way easily across the goal line with 12:00 min. remaining in the 2nd. The next 8 min. went by pretty regular with Denver gaining their first 1st down to Seattles 9 1st downs at the 10 min. mark and just when you thought Denver was on a scoring drive, Seattle's Malcolm Smith picked off yet another Peyton Manning pass and took it downfield to put yet another 6 + 1 on the board giving the Seahawks a 22 - 0 lead.
             Denver's first shot at putting some points on the scoreboard came with 1:00 min left in the 1st half when in a 4th and 2 situation, chose to go for 6 instead of 3 and did not come out well for Denver. I am never one to watch the Super bowl for the halftime show but if I am a Denver fan, I think I would be more entertained by Bruno Mars halftime show than the first half of this game so far.
              In my opinion, in the first half it appears that Denver came to play around and Seattle came to play, PERIOD!!!   It is starting to look like Denver is on a Rocky Mountain High with Cheech and Chong blowing smoke on the sidelines and the players have been replaced by the Doobie brothers and Peyton Manning has been possessed George Carlin's Hippy Dippy weatherman character.

                  The 3rd quarter did not start well for Denver as they kicked to Seattle and it was returned 88 yards by Seahawks Percy Hardin to put yet another 6 + 1 on the board bringing the score to 29 - 0. Also with 3 min left in the 3rd quarter the Seahawks hit no. 15 Jermaine Kearse who took it in for a TD reception bringing it now to a 36 - 0 .
                 Denver finally got some points on the board  with a TD pass with less than a minute left in the third quarter  and then put 2 more on a conversion making it 36 - 8. This seemed to have no effect on Seattle as Russel Wilson hit Baldwin a few minutes later who took it across for six more and then 1 bringing it to 43 points for Seattle. 
                   Seattle it seemed was going to break the high point super bowl record set by San Fransisco in super bowl XXIV  with 55 points but they stopped at the 43 point level. There was not anymore scores put on the board making the final 43 - 8 and the first super bowl win for Seattle.

Best Commercial
Puppy Love by Budwieser  and Budwieser's returning soldier homecoming gets my vote. The second was the Doritos one with the little cowboy riding the family dog.


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