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Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama reaches out to young men of color

                             Cudos to President Obama for reaching out to young men who are likely in danger of incarceration due to making bad decisions in their life and telling them that they are the ones accountable.No one is to blame but them and that he understands what they are going through. He explains about his own life growing up without a father in the house, hanging with the wrong crowd, using illegal substances and making bad choices. He explains to them that they need to turn their life around and start making choices that will put a positive spin on their life and that they are ultimately the only one who  can do it.
                               I don't often give President Obama credit as I have not agreed with a whole lot this man has brought to the table as President. Some people call this anti - Obama but I disagree, I try to always keep an open mind and I like many would like the President to succeed in making the economy and this country we all live in, a place we can all have success. So I am giving him a pat on the back on this BUT, 
                             As always I must play the devils advocate.It is great to use himself as a example, he even uttered "I got high" and "I made bad choices" and I know what he was meaning was that he could have been or maybe he was in more serious trouble than need be and that they need to start making better choices that give them a more contented life. How many of these young men will take away from this that "if he did it and became president, then we can too" and believe there is plenty of time. If I would say to one of these men "you need to change your life and make better choices" why would they not look at me and say "President Obama made the same mistakes and still became president" Also many of these young men listen to lyrics of rappers like Jay Z and he talks about what he had to do to survive in the ghetto and now look at what I am and many start to believe this is the way. Especially when President Obama gives him a spot on the podium at his swearing in. These young men are not stupid by any means, they hear the talk but, they don't see the President walk the walk. Most of us know that they are just lyrics, Jay Z and others who rap the rap about growing up in that world are doing this to make a living and sell recordings. I hope they don't wish that lifestyle on anyone.
                          I try to be honest with my children and grandchildren and put myself in their shoes and age know that we all make mistakes as I did but, too many times they don't take the benefit of our experiences. They also look at it as,"your life turned out okay" and I say to them " yes but, not without alot of hard work for many years to overcome  something I did that only took an hour. And this could be something as small as a prank that goes awry and someone gets seriously hurt or as unthinking as having unprotected sex that can lead to a child that you must support or a disease that could end your life. 


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