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Friday, December 27, 2013

#wasted2013 Candy Crush

                               Yes, believe it or not, it was said on NBC show "how we best wasted our time in 2013" that Candy Crush was one of the 10 top time wasters of the year 2013. Can you believe that ? I myself am not one to  venture into Candy Crush land but, I have seen it from across the room It is something that someone, when there is nothing else to keep your mind stimulated, can best use up time on their hands.
                                 Even though I don't partake of this very popular time waster, I can think of many other ways people use to escape reality and some of them are much worse than playing Candy Crush. Some pour themselves into a shot glass of alcohol to get their mind clear yet, it seems to me they only cause it to fog. Others escape reality with mind bending drugs of one sort or another and all of these types of wasting time or getting their mind off their problems is putting their health in danger. Remember the old cliche" "Idle hands are the devils playthings"? Well, if playing Candy Crush unidles the hands and the mind, How is it exactly considered waste of time?
                                   I have been told it is actually relaxing to those who keep in mind it is only a game. Of course like any game, if taken too serious, can actually raise ones blood pressure. Of course these are the type that should work on their sportsmanship no matter what game they play. I am sure we have all met that person who has to win at everything and when they don't, they get angry and blame everyone else for the loss. These are the types that can get upset over a game of tiddleywinks. (if you never heard of this game, ask your mom or dad)
                                    If you live in an area where the days are short and the nights are cold and long in the winter, setting down with your laptop or smartphone and playing Candy Crush Saga is just another way of dealing with winter blah and getting through it. Kinda like when I was younger we would play chess or checkers. I also still find these games some times entertaining.


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