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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ode to being Unfriended on Facebook

Never been treated so bad
I mean really off the hook
The hurt,The Sorrow, then depression set in
When I got unfriended on Facebook

You wonder if other facebook friends know
They seem to give you a certain look
You know they want to ask
What got you un-friended on facebook

We were the best of friends
They were alright in my book
Then just one disagreement
And I get un-friended on facebook

I had to stand firm, they were in the wrong
No comfort for me in their nook
So I stood my ground, told them what I thought
Then I was un-friended on facebook

Like a flash it all happened
A couple of clicks is all it took
I left and went home
and found me un-friended on Facebook

Heed this advice, before you get hurt
Give your friend list another look
Or you might get hurt like I did
when one of them un-friends you on facebook

If it is not clear, I am being Facetious
Nothing here was forsook
There are plenty of true friends i have
I don't need you as a friend on facebook

The Un-friended On Facebook

want to share your view privately? email me at MYOWNOPINION@WOH.RR.COM

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