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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gov't Assistance Programs shut down

                                    All over in Ohio, Gov't assistance programs are now shutting down in accordance with the shutdown of the federal government. This was bound to happen, some may put blame on the republicans but, my view is that the federal gov't should see to it that all those on assistance be able to feed their family. Just like the president signed an executive order to see that widows of fallen soldiers get the death benefit from the fed. While they worry with their petty squabbles, people, american people are going to go hungry and many may lose their home. As with the food stamp program, the met or hud housing benefits are also to be shut down at this time.
                                   It is all basic debt to income ratio. Basic financial black and white. If you make 100.00 a week and you spend 150.00 a week, you need to cut spending, not borrow more to keep up with the Kardashions! This is why the spending must stop. I once did remodeling work and you would not believe what people wanted from me and how much they did not have to spend. It is like champaign taste on a budget that only allows you to savor a cold beer from time to time.
                                    Don't worry about keeping up with the Kardashians mr president, spen what we have, or at least compromise. Now I'm hearing that truck drivers are going on strike and some are saying we must stock up on food and fill your gas tanks if you want to get through the next week or so. Does everyone ,including the president think hurting those with limited means going to change the minds of thine enemy? I've always wondered why we borrow money to give it to foreign gov'ts in the form of charity. The insanity must stop. Is this done so we are the heroes of the world? Most of these countries don't like americans anyway. It just doesn't make sense and I believe all of gov't is to be held accountable.
                                     I remember a time like this when I was a kid. I probably didn't know as much as my parents but, I was aware that America was in trouble. There was even a recording by CKLW news man Byron McGregor, about how we help all but, nobody would step up to help us. I've included it here:


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