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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Resistance to Anti-Biotic

Correction: It was the CDC and not the AMA that released the report                 
       Today, the Fox news top medical spokesman released that the AMA (American medical assoc) is ready to release findings on how people are building resistance to antibiotics that are, in their line of thought, being over prescribed.
                             It is the thought of the AMA that too many prescriptions for common antibiotics are written and therefore we are also wiping out bacteria that is needed to keep out the bad. In my opinion, this info could only be valuable to those in the medical field. If one goes to a doctor and he writes a prescription to an antibiotic, are you going to ask him if this is the right antibiotic? or maybe just in any way question his advise on a medical issue ? No, you are going to figure he or she has your best interest in mind and give you what he believes is the correct medicine.
                               This is the same info about antibacterial soaps that have gained a lot of popularity. If you overuse and basically create a sterile environment on your body, you open it up to many worse germs and bacteria than you rid your hands of and run the risk of then transferring them to other parts of the body.
                                 Women can probably go along with this or understand it better. Women know that when they have been on a powerful antibiotic, they run the risk of a yeast infection because they need a little certain bacteria that keeps this at bay.I myself at one time was prescribed a strong antibiotic that was known to not only kill the virus inside me but, also the flora in the digestive system that aided in digestion. Therefore, He also suggested a over the counter dietary additive to protect it.

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