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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

America's Got Talent winner -a review and prediction

                                  I just cast a vote for a contestant on AGT  and am publishing this article after the voting so as not to influence votes and therefore my prediction is clear of finger pointing. I have a 90% success rate for calling winners on these type of shows and looking forward to increasing this rate.
                                  Let me go through why I think these others will not win: all photos courtesy of
Forte': Not taking away from these guys, they have more talent in opera than has been seen in a long time. There is no doubting that they are good and have made a mark in their careers and will most likely be able to do this full time for a while.There is a large fan base for opera and that is evident by the fact that they are still in it and have likely gained some fans for opera. But let's face it, it is still opera and people are not knocking down doors to buy it or get tickets to it.

Conners Key: Good for what it is, he just needs to smooth out the rough edges a bit. He will go places in his time and he has the largest part of his life ahead of him. We have not seen the last yet.

Taylor Williamson: Good comic but not great, he was right about not retelling jokes tonight and I think he does best with banter. He needs to hone this and will be great.That  was always Don Rickles best material is when he back talked the people in the audience. I will say that Howard Stern was wrong when he said the comics are overlooked on AGT, look at last years 2nd place and Terry Fator(past winner) who is deemed a ventriliquist but is still a comic

Kenichi Ebina: I place him in 3rd place. He has a great talent for creativity and I think has a future as a movie or animation choreographer and I think his wheels turn a bit different and that is good to think outside the box a bit.He has a good future just, not as AGT winner.

Cammie Bradley: Certainly a great singer and I believe a singer will win. Cammie has a beautiful and unique vocal quality. My only problem is although she puts her own spin on a song, they all spin the same way. They all tend to sound alike and mesh together. So far, mostly she has taken hard or fast songs and softened and slowed them. Thats about it. Careers are made from this, look at Linda Ronstadt, most of hers were remakes of others with her style and she was great, actually one of my favs was "When will I be Loved" original to the Everly Bros.

Jimmy Rose: This will be your AGT winner! A good ol' boy that has served his country and has worked in the coal mining industry and comes from main street USA. He has a great talent and he is original as they come.He was no doubt raised singing in a Baptist church He has respect for all  his elders and is very humble and has already shown his song writing talent.
                    With the Obama agenda against the coal industry, his song "Coal Keeps the lights on" will get every coal miner in the USA voting him in. He is their spokesman and they have a huge population. The song is about all the jobs that will be lost with Obama's war on coal.
                     Tune into NBC on Wednesday to see if I keep my rate for predicting winners.


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