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Thursday, September 19, 2013

#AGT Americas Got Talent recap and review

               Well, in the words of Nick Cannon, America has voted and the winner of this years AGT is.....Long long pause Kenichi Ebina: 
 I was shocked to say the least. I had placed him in 3rd place as I found him very talented and yet limited. I don't see what he does as a lone act for a complete vegas show. I could very well be wrong, I have been once or twice.  A lot of people I questioned thought although they did not vote for them, that the winner would be Forte'. I did not and not for lack of talent but, for lack of many opera fans. I myself can listen a bit to it but, not an entire Las Vegas show.
             I was floored that Taylor finished ahead of Jimmy Rose. Jimmy had a very strong fan base and singers tend to have more longevity in their careers than comics. Sans any that are now talk show hosts as they are not still called comics but rather hosts.  This could be a good thing as Jimmy has a studio production of his own song "Coal keeps the lights on" but was kept from releasing it while on AGT. His career is still ahead of him if he continues to right songs about the working man. Someone is needed to fill the large work boots of Merle Haggard. 
               Best of luck to the final six in whatever they decide to endeavor in their future.


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