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Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Best Nascar Drivers Ever

Down through the history of NASCAR there have been some great drivers that have amassed millions of fans. The following presents 5 NASCAR drivers that have forever changed the game of racing and made NASCAR what it is today.

 1. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

 It really is hard to think of NASCAR or mention great drivers without mentioning Dale Earnhardt. He won 26 times and earned 7 championships. It was easy to see how he became part of the select Hall of Fame members. Earnhardt was a masterful driver that was difficult to beat. A lot of this had to do with his ability to control his car at such high speeds and maneuver around the competitor effortlessly.

 2. Richard Petty

 Petty is another name that quickly comes up when people are talking about the great NASCAR drivers. Richard Petty has won multiple championships and 200 wins. This is a magnificent record for a driver that was consistent in his improvements.
 What separates Petty from everyone else is the fact that he won more races than anyone else in NASCAR history. Petty won 200 races before he retired. He also won 10 consecutive races in one year. He carries an impressive record for championships as well. With 7 championship wins Dale Earnhardt is the only other NASCAR driver that has accomplished this.

 3. Bill Elliot

 When it comes to fame and fortune Bill Elliot had his fair share. This was a driver that had a lot of fans and a lot of money to go with his championship wins. He was the first NASCAR driver on the cover of Sports Illustrated. People rallied around Elliot because he was an exciting driver. He holds speed records at Talladega and he has wins at the Daytona 500. Bill Elliot was a racer that clearly dominated the racing world. He was voted at the Most Popular NASCAR driver multiple times because the fans loved his style of driving.

 4. David Pearson

 People may not talk about Pearson as much as some other racers, but this is another champion that has become a famous NASCAR driver. Pearson made the all-time win list with 105 victories. The success of David Pearson is often compared to that of Richard Petty. This is a driver that was a masterful navigator. Pearson stood out because he won in super speedways, dirt tracks and short tracks. David Pearson was a diverse driver that will go down in history as one of the best NASCAR racers in the history of racing.

 5. Jeff Gordon

 The popularity of NASCAR has been fueled by Jeff Gordon and his multitude of accomplishments. This is a driver that has had 75 career victories and a huge fan base that lead to commercials and tremendous earning opportunities. Gordon has always been considered a very aggressive drive, and this is what has led to many victories for the Vallejo, CA native.
 There are many great NASCAR drivers. The list is long and growing, but the 5 drivers listed above are easily among the best. Some of their popularity has to do with their driving styles. Others may have become listed as some of the best because they have such huge winning records. In many instants the fans have given these drivers nicknames that defined their driving styles.
Born and raised in NYC, Sebastian Webb grow up to become a writer and SEO specialist. Working for Proctor Subaru at the moment. Loves to write and taking the opportunity to guest write for blogs, so his articles can reach a lot of people hoping that they will learn something from his articles.

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