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Thursday, August 15, 2013

most beautiful time of day(pictures)

sunset through the trees                                  What is the most beautiful time of day ? Is there one that you have ? No matter what the season, I often find that sunset is the most beautiful time of day. This of course is nothing new to those who live at the shore. Sunsets over the ocean have always been pictured as a romantic setting but, for those of us in the heartland, we also have a romantic sunset opportunities.

urban sunset setting            As someone who has an eye for art(in my opinion) I have started photographing beautiful scenery. Whether riding along in a car or my wife and I taking a walk or just sitting on the porch swing, I try to keep a camera handy. Sometimes these almost look surreal. I especially like the vast array of color. The bright yellows around the sun with hues of orange which goes directly to the reds and grays in the clouds and between them is still a deep blue colored sky.
                     These pictures were all taken from about the same location , which is near a railroad so not a lot of buildings to get in the way of watching the sunset. plus as an added benefit, it is in an older section of the city so there are still the utility poles and lines running alongside of it.

                                                              Of course, another time of day that sometimes just amazes me, is watching an impending storm come in or seeing it skirt to the north or south of us and somewhere the sun shines through to highlight it.

  here are some shots I got following some simple tips from a photographer. 1/ Don't always let the camera focus completely  2/focus the camera into one lighting and then snap the pic in another  3/don" always look into the viewfinder, some pictures come out better if shot from the hip.


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