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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How much of your donations go to the needy

                          Take a look at this chart below and the next time you want to be charitable to someone in need, I suggest you find out how much of your money actually goes to the needy and how much goes to operating expenses and how much goes to the those in charge of the charity.
                           I sit on the board of a small local charity, while it may take some of the donations for operating expenses(such as mailings,newsletters, meeting rooms etc...) not one member, either board or pres. or accountant, receive one red cent for their work.
                           I understand that many large charities need some to work the charity as a full time job. To make it work and be in control of the goings on in the charity, I do not believe these people should be living a life of leisure. I actually gasp at what these people in charge of legal charities bring in yet, should you or I take donations to help someone in need and take out even  2% for maybe to replace monies lost by time off work for that charity, we could be arrested. Yet these licensed charities do just that everyday of the year. The American Red Cross,March of Dimes, The United Way,Unicef, and Goodwill.
                         There are charities that are exactly that and these are the ones I will be donating to in the future. It is a great idea to give your charity money to a local mission or even a local soup kitchen. You could even volunteer some time there. some time just seeing the look on someones face when you help them is what gives you that feel good attitude that you helped someone out.


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