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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Favorite classic car I own

camaro 1994                                           Do you have a favorite classic car ? maybe one you owned or used to own? Maybe just one that you always wanted but never got around to buying ?
                                             I have to admit, I've always been partial to the Corvette stingray, They are so sleek and in the 70's, they pretty much had a futuristic look and, if you ever got to ride in one as a teenager, it was the closest you were ever to a ride in a rocket. But, alas, I never got around to buying one. Mostly because they were out of my price range when I was young and not really a family car when I got older and now that the kids are gone and moved out, not too high on my list as to a need anymore.
           Camaro. We had only ever purchased 1 brand new car before and it was a more sensible economical car so getting the wife to agree to the price we were going to pay for a new Camaro was going to be interesting. It all started when she said she wanted a new car like the Ford mustangs that were out then. That worked out well because the price on those babies were way out of what we wanted to pay. If I recall, they started at 20,000, so when I spotted this Camaro for a sticker at 17,000 and when my friend the car salesman said he could get it to 15,000! Well, if your spouse is as frugal as mine and saw how much lower we could get the payments, my job was done.
                                 Maybe the favorite of mine is not yet a classic but we bought it brand new in 1994 so will be in a few years is my 1994

                                               She loved that car and still does. And as the one who maintains the family car, this was and still is a life saver. Beside the normal maintenance costs of plugs and oil and filters and brakes, this car got me for a alternator and a water pump. Thats it! I swear!  We don't drive it everyday as we used to, as a matter of fact, a couple years ago we put it in storage and only recently when I got tired of not driving it, I put in some new sparkplugs and changed the oil and the filters and a new battery and viola' We were on the road again. It still catches the eye of bystanders as I drive by and although the clearcoat is just a little worn here and there and I am shopping for a bodyshop to redo if possible for a good price, it still looks and drives great. So, I am listing this as my favorite classic car
                                                    Now I'm thinking of digging out my 1976 Pontiac Firebird from the garage but it is in need of a lot of engine work. If I recall, it has a 455 with a 4 barrel carb and though not seized, the main bearrings are gone and need redone. Maybe I'll shop for a replacement motor instead. I am not a mechanic but, mechanically inclined enough to do most all my own work but, thats getting outa my league.


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