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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easy ways to make money online ?

                       Can you make money online ? The short answer is , yea you can. The long answer is yes, with hard work and diligent attention to headlines or finding a niche that is unique to anyone else and sought after info and above all, patience.
                         You want to pay attention to whats hot in search engines and then, you want to offer info no one else has figured out and you want search engines to find you. Today, regardless of the commercials promoting , The top used search engine is, Period. Think of it this way, when someone asks you for tips or info on something and your not sure you explained it correctly or efficiently, you tell them to what? Google it ! Not do a search, not Bing it, not even Yahoo it.
                           First things first though. If you have a product to sell, you know where, if any, your best efforts are going to go. What I am here to cover, is those who want to make money online telling others about something. Whatever your niche, you want to be the all important person with the answer. Getting it online is no problem, offers This is free and available to anyone who signs up for it. You want to learn your way around it and Blogger has plenty of helpers who write articles on how to's and tricks.
                           Another offering by blogger is Adsense.Adsense is a program in which, with Google's help, they will place ads on your blog and you will get earnings for each click on that ad. Simple right? Not unless you work at it. Get acquainted with it, read all about it and subscribe to advice and notifications from Google Adsense. The amount you get paid, that varies from ad to ad. The way it works from my perspective is advertisers bid on keywords or sites to advertise on and the higher the bid, the better for you. If you have a very unique site with people visiting your blog by the fistfulls, chances are, most advertisers will bid higher to be place on your site. When visitors click for info on that ad, you see your earnings go up.Not each and every post will bring in visitors and I am here to tell you, You could have the cure for cancer, if you don't own those keywords, you are going to be buried on page 10 in the search results. Larger companies or web pages, own specific keywords in search. Or I should say, they temporarily own them. Here is a good example: lets say is the prime retailer or supplier of Gizmo, a new and exiting electronic gadget. They of course would like to sell them direct without paying a commission to a blogger that places an ad for them so, they tell that they will match the highest bid for the search term Gizmo. Someone Googles Where to buy Gizmo and viola' the search results come up with as the number one place to go. Now, these are usually under a heading or highlighter for sponsored results but, everyone knowing and their rep will click them first. Now I am not saying you have to compete with the likes of or but you will have to become an online presence. I have been at this for 18 mos. now and have earned money that I have yet to see because Adsense has a minimum threshhold of 100.00 before they payout. I am close and 1/2 of my earnings have come in the last month because I started listening to Google advisors and tips and when they say there is a problem trying to crawl your site, fix the problem pronto. Millions of people have blogs and websites so Google and the others can only crawl from time to time.

End of part one - Part two will cover advertiser affiliations


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