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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A CURE for Cancer? Read this true story

RM-10 ULTRA is the ultimate immune health formula containing a proprietary blend of organically-grown tonic mushrooms L-theanine selenium lycopene and other ingredients that promote healthy immune system function.* It provides broad spectrum immune system support via multiple pathways: immune cell function support immune cell metabolism support methylation support and antioxidant support.* * L-theanine supports healthy gamma delta T cell presence in the body important for proper immune function and host defense.* * Selenium helps maintain optimal glutathione production an important factor in immune health.* * Lycopene helps fight free radicals to support healthy function of a variety of cells and organs including the prostate.* * RM-10 ULTRA is delivered via UltraZorbe capsules for rapid nutrient release and is packaged in the BioProtect Packaging System for maximum ingredient integrity and effectiveness protection.

                                   Have you heard of this? This is what is said to be a help in the fight against cancer and I am here to attest to it in part. Not by any sort of study by a University or anyone in the medical field but by only personal experience.
                My father is a 4 time Cancer survivor. He did not have a recurring cancer, he has had a bout with four different kinds of cancer each unrelated to the other.

  1. Colon Cancer - 20 some odd years ago he hemmoraged while on the toilet with no signs of any disease. It turned out to be Colon Cancer and he had a full colostemy. He also recieved chemotherapy treatment and to this day no sign of recurrance.
  2. Skin Cancer -   A few years later, he had a bout with skin cancer and it was removed and no recurrence.
  3. Bone Cancer - About 4 years ago he had a check up and when tested further, he was found to have cancer in his jaw bone. It was told to us that this cancer could spread to other parts such as lymph nodes and such. He was admitted to James Cancer Center at OSU in Columbus OH where they removed his Jawbone and then removed bone from his leg and shaped it into a jawbone and attached it. Sometime later they were doing test to make sure it had not spread and found  no.4
  4. Small cell Lung Cancer - This is where the RM-10 UltraUltra 90 Caps comes into the story.
                 My brother had read about this and informed my mother that he had talked to some who said this was a great nutrient to take in conjunction with Vitamin D-30.5 Oz  as a fight against cancer and my mother of course asked the oncologist his opinion. He of course said he did not know of any good it would do but,it couldn't hurt if they wanted to try it. So they did. day in and day out, along with the pick line and chemo they kept it up over and over.Soon the tests showed a little shrinkage so, my father, thought he had it in the bag and stopped the RM-10 UltraUltra 90 Caps and continued the chemo treatments. Another test later showed no worse but, no better either. The spot on the lung had stayed the same size. The oncologist told them, whatever you were taking, keep it up. So my mother went back to giving doses of RM-10 UltraUltra 90 Caps and added Vitamin D and sometime later a check up revealed the cancer had shrunk considerably. The chemo was stopped a short time but the other did not and a short time later a check up revealed cancer free.

RM-10 UltraUltra 90 Capsclick the bottle to check prices on RM -10 from Herbspro and they also carry many Vitamin D-30.5 Oz in different sizes.
              This is my father's story of survival from cancer, take it for what it is worth to you. Also, I need to add we will be celebrating his survival along with his 80th birthday this October and this last part took place in the last couple years.

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