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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Danielle Bradberry's single hits #1

The Heart Of Dixie  "Yes, when I checked this morning, I was surprised it has went to number 1 already - Danielle Bradberry on the Today show
Click the pic to listen to and download
                               Danielle Bradberry , winner of season 4 of "the voice" has released a new single and as of today on "Today" it was announced it has hit number 1 on Itunes. The single, "The heart of dixie" is also available on Amazon in a mp3 download.
                               Any of you who read my opinions already know I predicted her the winner of season 4 where she was on Blake Shelton's team (or team Blake, so - called)and she is now proving me right as far as her capabilities.I listened to this and she has the potential to go places in her career. Choosing the right song is key to the success of any singer and she is on her way. I would like to wish her all the best in her career and to advise her, there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing in the path you've chosen so, walk softly and carry a big stick. Congrats Danielle on the new single.

                        Remember, available here at Amazon and Itunes for download.


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