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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coal Keeps the Lights On by Jimmy Rose

                                                  Jimmy Rose from Pineville Ky. just 10 mins. ago performed an original song on America's got Talent called Coal Keeps the Lights On and the judges and the audience gave him a standing ovation. This was so well deserved. I know people from his area and he was not lying when he said you work in the coal mines or you starve on nothing. So he works in the mine to feed his family and then he wrote about the life in a beautiful country song. It was way too early to find a video of that performance so you can see for yourself but I found this one from a festival in his hometown area.
                                                  Keep your  Taylor Swifts and all that implies, this is country music at it's finest. The song talks of roughing it in an industry that has killed many and it is from the heart, That is Country Music.from a man who has lived it. Also it is simple and uncomplicated in it's meaning. Life is tough down here in the coal mine but, Coal keeps the lights on. A so simple way to convey it also puts food on the table.
                                                    Singing about that life and what goes with it is what put so many on the path to stardom like Loretta Lynn, and  Dolly Parton to name a couple. I would not be surprised if his phone is not ringing off the hook. Many in the industry have been looking for talent like this, it is raw and unrefined and yet a very heartfelt song.

Jimmy rose performed on the finals on AGT and may be their 2013 winner
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Jimmy Rose, 32 ~ AGT 2013 New Orleans Auditions by HumanSlinky

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