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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Candy Crush saga on facebook says to update flash player

                       "Everytime I would try to play Candy Crush Saga on facebook, I would get a message to update my Adobe flashplayer. After doing this many times it still gives the same error. What will fix this?" 

                    My wife was having the very same problem and it was specific to facebook and not only Candy Crush Saga but, to many others. After I searched for the fix from Adobe Flash and Chrome and many other searches, I finally fixed it on my own. This is what fixed mine.

                               Your problem could be similar to mine or not so here is our scenario. We have a Desktop computer that is quite old but serves as the base for our wireless network setup. My wife connects via the wireless network on her new dell laptop. When she could not play Candy Crush Saga because of the "You must update adobe flash player to play Candy Crush Saga" predicament, I offered to see what the problem was while she tried to play on the desktop pc.So after she got tired of playing o a very slow computer and went to bed, I stayed up till 3 am doing all the updating,uninstalling and re-install, roll back and upgrade and still nothing.

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After I slept on it, here is what I did to fix.
  1. Since she could play on the desktop,I unplugged the Ethernet cable from the desktop and plugged into the laptop directly
  2. Connected to the internet via the wired connection
  3. opened facebook and Candy Crush Saga
  4. viola' Candy Crush Saga loads
                  This at least told me it was not the adobe flash player or anything else in the laptop. So then I put all back the way it was and rebooted the wireless router and my cable modem and all is fixed but, should it happen to fail again or if you don't have a way to connect the device your on to a wired connection, it may all be in your router. I purchased an extra ethernet cable to hook hers up direct if need be, the other option is to upgrade your router or, mine has a reset.
After a week, it went off again saying to update the flashplayer. I then went to system restore and rolled the computer back a week and it worked. you may only need to roll back the adobe flashplayer to a time and version that worked.

Hope this helps, I have seen with my own eyes, the fury of one's withdrawl, in being denied their Candy Crush Saga fix.


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