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Friday, May 10, 2013

American Idol-the results-Angie,Kree or Candice

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                  Okay, the results are in and I am sure glad I changed my prediction. In a way. I had already said if Texas got behind Kree after  her visit home, she could very well go through and I had Candice as an already solid winner and was hoping all those little boys and girls with all those cell phones didn't outnumber Kree's votes. I am so glad for this girl. As I said earlier she has had a tough row to hoe and has enough raw talent to be the next country or pop star.
                   Tonights show was great with former Idol contestant Lauren Alaina (looking all grown up) performing her new single "Barefoot and Buckwild"(can dowload at Today was the release date and this was her debut of the single.
                   For the last two months the judges have been harsh on Kree and singing Angie's praises and Angie can sing but, she is not the prodigal star. I like and agree with America tonight. Next week, Kree and Candice take the stage for the final competition and we will know who is the next American Idol thereafter.
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