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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing-some graphic photos

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 The picture showing an unidentified man on top of a building during the Boston Marathon bombing has social media users speculating if he had any involvement in the attacks.
The picture showing an unidentified man on top of a building during the Boston Marathon bombing has social media users speculating if he had any involvement in the attacks.

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                                    I am not and have never claimed to be a news source so I am not here to update or supply info you haven't gotten anywhere else. As you can expect, most networks are only covering this horrendous act of terrorism. I know that the President has been careful not to say that this is such yet, in my own opinion, whether this was by one crazy American individual like the shooter at Sandy Hook or several that aren't even connected to a terrorist group, it's still an act of terror.
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                                   The latest I am hearing is that a Saudi National is a person of interest as he was seen running from the area where the explosion occurred and was tackled by a witness. He has been admitted to the hospital with bad burns and is under security and his apartment has been searched and while the authorities are not speaking to the press as to what they found there, it appears they left with many paper bags and a duffel bag. Is this profiling? Wasn't there many people running from the scene? Why pick him out as the perpetrator just because he looks a certain way? The thing is, we don't know unless we investigate. This is an act people in the Mideast go through on a day by day basis. It is as we are living in a war zone that we only hear about happening in a place like Israel or Pakistan and figure it can't happen here. But it can and the Boston Marathon Bombing and the attacks on the twin towers on 9/11 are proof of that.
                                   I have many acquaintances of very diverse ethnicity. I myself am the 3rd generation born here from my Sicilian grandparents and have many other nationalities now in the bloodline but in the warm months I get a great tan very easy and when we once flew to Vegas after 9/11, although we were being told that the security was selecting people at random to pat down, I and my very tan sister in law were the only two in our group that were held and searched both going and returning. I belong to a charity group of Italian Americans and whenever we give a large donation to a group or when in conversation and the group comes up someone inevitably will make a mafia comment.
                                     This is America, we are a melting pot of many ethnicity and many who belong to one group or another, get on their soapbox and start to complain and cry profiling or racism and indeed it is but, who is to blame for it? The authorities? No, try to point the finger at the ones who gave us this outlook of your specific ethnic group. In Arizona, there is a lot of arguing over profiling of Mexican Americans who are legally here because the authorities want to have the right to stop them and ask for papers showing their legal status. If you are in the U.S. shouldn't your anger be towards those who aren't? These are the ones being sought and if there were none of them, there wouldn't be a need for investigation. Ask yourself this. If you are a man of Mexican descent(this is a loose term because Mexico also has people of diverse ethnicity) and your wife is of the same ethnicity, and she gives birth to a pristine white baby boy, wouldn't you have questions?Isn't this just another form of profiling?
                                        I bring all this up because of recent, I have heard news that airport security was considering giving a fast track to certain Saudi Nationals at airports. This is something that even our closest allies do not have. I say everyone should be subject to the same security measures to insure safety of all. Have these airport security people never heard of Mata Hari or a simple double agent.? One cannot tell by someones passed actions what their future actions will be.
                                         Right now as I type this, there is a press conference being held where little info is being given but they are asking for anyone to come forward with any info you have or if you were videotaping or if you witnessed any suspicious activity. No matter what it is, the person could be black, white,brown ,or any color or ethnicity. I did find it odd that the Obama campaign jumped on the Romney's for taking advantage of a tragedy to gain political points for his party and yet, when the senator from Mass.(a democrat)came to the podium, her first words to say that she wanted to express that they did not reach out to the President, but that the President reached out to them. I had not heard anything to the contrary and I have been glued to all newscasts.
                                           What I really want to stress from all of this is what now. Not as many lives were lost as in the Sandy Hook shooting but, it was still a murderous act. Are we now going to put a committee together for bomb control? Wait a minute, we already have that and yet it still happened. I hate what happened at any of these mass murder venues but, we need to keep in mind, anyone plotting a murder of any kind, can not be to worried about the fine they'll get if caught with an illegal device. We need to keep a level head and not get lax in thinking at any time someone with a screw loose might commit this type of terrorist attack.


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