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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The number 1 thing not for her on Valentines Day

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What did you get your lady for Valentines Day? Did you put any thought into it? or did you ask her what she wanted? If you did the latter, you have already given her what she(most women) did not want for a Valentines Day gift.
           According to an unscientific poll, the one thing most women don't want is for you to ask her what she wants. I know without asking that my wife agrees with this. How? Not because I did. We've been married 32 yrs. now and one thing she never faltered on is her view that actions speak louder than words. For you to ask her, is not putting any thought into it. It requires no work on your part. What most women, at least the non-material type,want is for you to love them enough to know what speaks to her heart. My wife always says on Valentines Day that no matter where you go today you will see men standing in line and at the end of the day, anything you can wrap up pretty they'll buy.(I might mention she is in retail)
            Most women will tell you "anything" or "nothing" when asked what they want. And the same goes for asking where she wants to eat if your planning a dinner out. In other words, if your planning to take her out for dinner, think where she would enjoy going. Put some real thought into it. Maybe not somewhere you normally call a favorite but, maybe someplace she has mentioned wanting to go to. Of course this is assuming you listen to her at least from time to time.Now go ahead and make the reservations and follow through by making arrangements for a babysitter(someone she approves of without asking)and if the restaurant has a seating preference, don't choose where you can see the television or get good cell signal. If possible choose a secluded area where you can speak and enjoy one another's company.
             Some women enjoy flowers, get them but don't ask her what her favorite is, you should know at least her most unfavored flower, If this is not known, a flower arrangement is good that has many types and many colors and on the card, don't put down overused cliche' words like I love you more than words can say. etc... this is a copout.
 There is still time to get Valentines Day  flowers for her

              What is my lady getting for Valentines Day? Dinner. Dinner or supper (your preference) that I will make with my own two hands. Did I put thought into it? Yes, I went to the store and looked around till I decided on the steak of choice (top sirloin) took it home and put in freezer and pulled out last night. This morning I made a marinade for it and placed in fridge for the day.I am making a tomato pasta sauce from scrach and we already have some of our favorite wines at home. I've told those that normally drop in to hold off till after the dinner hour and i've cleaned the home(actually most would love you just for that) and made out in my mind a timeplan so I can have the dishes cleaned up before she gets home.
               Whatever you do, just do it from the heart and she will know it!


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