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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Royal Baby

or The Royal Pain

First I must apologize to the expectant mother if I offend. My reason for the remark is when it was suspected that the duchess was expecting it was broadcast on every news(I use this term lightly) broadcast. Then it was confirmed and the today show sent one of the shows hosts to England to report it to us here in the states.Then they featured a segment where another reporter from the today show talked to the people to see what their reaction was. On top of that, this morning they had breaking news Apparently the duchess had morning sickness. I was on pins and needles until I heard she was fine and doing better.Of course I am being facetious and mean no disrespect to her or the family. My disrespect is for the so called journalist that apparently believe this is breaking news. I can only imagine the breaking news tomorrow. I can hear it now : 

Expectant Duchess gets royal craving for dill pickles and butter pecan ice cream

   Her private assistant seen purchasing these items at grocery

It may sound funny and stupid but when I hear Breaking news That is what I expect to hear. Maybe a child abductor caught with the child safe. Maybe a murder suspect found and not caught but now have leads. I mean was it really needed to send Natalie Morales to England to report that the Duchess was with child ? Now maybe if it was the Queen or the Duke that would be breaking news. 
   As I have stated, no disrespect to the family or to the people of the U.K. as this may be newsworthy to the people of the U.K. Just as if it were Michelle Obama announced she was with child. How many women in this world do you think just found out they were pregnant? How many of those women have or will have morning sickness? I know some will say "this is royalty" but, I have yet to figure out what the difference is in their genetic make up from any other joe on the street.Does that mean she will have royal morning sickness ? and if so how does that differ.? I have heard of people who are a royal pain in the ass and that usually means something different than just a pain in the ass.
      The next Breaking news I want to hear is that she gave birth as I have no intention of implying that I don't wish them well. I hope they have a healthy and happy pregnancy and delivery and that all is well but, no more so than I wish this for any expectant couple.
  By the way, He was Prince of Wales and when he married he became the Duke of Cambridge. So does that mean he is no longer a prince.? I would think that when a women married a prince, she would become a princess. instead she became a Duchess. Isn't that a step down from Prince and Princess? I could take the time top research it if I cared that much but , I don't so if you know please comment. Even if you don't know please comment



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