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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas tree or Holiday tree?

The Ultimate Disney 50-Character Tabletop Christmas Tree  What is your view ? I am curious and would like all who have a preference to let me know in the comment section. I will come back tomorrow to write my preference and my reasons. Please don't hold back and let's hear from all who feel strongly about this.
   Bill Oreilly went toe to toe with an atheist about the right of a government official having a Christmas tree or a holiday tree and over if it should legally be called Christmas or solstice. Tell me what you think.

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Read these views on the war on christmas

My Opinion

In my home it is and always will be a Christmas tree. Evidently not too many people cared to offer a comment. That is my preference and will not change. I bring this up because of the fight Bill O'reilly is having with the Governor of Rhode Island (bill orielly "war on Christmas")because the man insists that he is calling the tree at the governers home a Holiday Tree because he does not want to offend the people of his state. He says that to him it is a Christmas tree but all the people of the state paid for the property on which it sits so he is calling it a holiday tree. Now a unofficial poll in the state says that *90% of the residents want it called a Christmas tree and a handful say they have bigger fish to fry and another handful that says it's a holiday tree. Don't we live in America where the majority rules.Now if the Governor said that he chose to call it a holiday tree because of his own beliefs that would be one thing because I believe in living one's life to what means as to please ones self as long as it does not inflect on someone else's life. That is not to say that if it offends because if something offends you, it does not change your life in a way that you have no choice. In other words, if someone says "Merry Christmas" and that offends you, get over it. If it offends because you are of the Jewish faith simply say "thank-you and a happy Hanukkah to you", if you are an atheist you may just say "thank -you and happy holiday to you" or if you don't celebrate Christmas just say "thank - you" because someone just wished you a happy time with friends and family and I am baffled to think how that could offend anyone. By the way, in my 54 yrs. on this earth I have yet to meet anyone that does not celebrate Christmas in one way or another. I am offended by people getting offended over little things. this irritates me.An atheist on Bill O'reilly said he is offended because Christmas is a federal holiday where he can't work or do other things he could on other days.First, who doesn't like a paid day off? If you don't get paid for it I'm sorry as most do. Second, there are many places where some will be working so maybe you can take their shift.Third, so are Thanksgiving, memorial day and labor day and I didn't here you bitch about not getting to work or get your mail  or any other thing you tend to whine about to get attention.When people don't stop till something gives them attention, that is exactly what they wanted. 
       Stop the narcissistic belly aching, I have an Italian last name although being american I have many ethnic backgrounds and you can call me any of those off color names for any of them that people have for them and I might laugh at you if maybe you are telling an off color joke and maybe I will just grin like a chesire cat because you have evidently confused me with someone who values your opinion. The only reason someone has to be offended is if someone does or says something offensive with that intention. For example: If someone calls me a stupid wop, I am probably more offended by the fact they called me stupid rather than because they used the ethnic slur. Now if I show my offense to it I have simply played into their hand. I would have handed them a weapon of a sort to show that they got to me. I may just look at them and smile and say "that's whats great about america, opinions are like asses, everyone has one and some just are one"
then walk away. JUST MY OPINION
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