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Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Online Auction

You know the adds you see on television for those online auctions and when you get to the site you find that they want you to pay them to place a bid. I had that experience and it really teed me off. First I have a love for the normal type of auction. You know the ones at someones home or an auction barn. I had my first experience many years ago and was hooked. Many things in my home and my workshop are from auctions and some I got dirt cheap because no one else was interested and others I had to pay my max and some times you get emotional about it as someone else is bidding against you. For this I must borrow from the godfather, "it's business Sonny, not personal" and that explains it.
       This is what makes online auctions best as you watch your item hour by hour hoping no one will top your bid or go as far as your max. What makes online auction better is they have a large inventory and when something you want goes to someone else there is always another one to look for and now that you have weeded out your nemesis you feel free that you will win the next one.Of course the  bad thing is that at any time another bidder may visit and decide they want the item you were bidding on and you are back at it.
   I visited one recently and could not believe I had not heard of them but it is because they don't bother you by advertising on television. They don't charge for bids and some of their items are dirt cheap.
Most all of the items are new or re- certified by the manufacturer so they come with a warrantee so it isn't like buying from the classified section of your local newspaper and you can (on some items) buy them outright.
     I bring this up here because I know this is the time of year where people are looking for a great deal on big ticket items such as flat screen hdtv's and jewelry and I have on occasion had a friend or reletive recieve a trip paid for on Christmas. They have a wide selection of electronics such as computers, flat screen  etc.. as well as Travel that was over bought by an agency up for bid and not to mention jewelry and watches and even some low ticket are some examples, Just my opinion. I have also tried ebay and have bought there. Ebay is good but more like a classified section of the paper where Bidding is Free at! and ebay but these guys have a more appealing look.
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