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Friday, October 19, 2012

Disney's new latina princes

You can't please 'em all Disney. It seems that some groups have had their feathers ruffled because Disney has a new princess about to be unveiled and she is supposed to be a Latina and apparently they are upset that she doesn't look Latina at all. My question is what does a Latina look like?. Latina is described as someone born in or born to someone born in Latin America.This includes Mexico, Puerto Rico etc...
    These countries like all in this part of the globe are full of immigrant families who came here from another country in the world. It is better explained here this is mainly about the poulation in mexico but goes for all countries discovered in 1492 by you know who.
  I thought most groups of latino people would prefer that they are not stereotyped as a certain look. I have even heard alonzo Boden joke about how come border patrol can't stop those who look canadian (lol)
Most groups call this profiling. I have Sicilian blood and as a resident of the U.S. I have been profiled at an airport by security because it was summer and I work outside so I tend to get a little darker than most. No problem! If it will keep planes in the air in one peace, I say keep on keepin' on!

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