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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frontier Log Cabins/ Our Review

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      No matter what type of doctor you may need, Head, Heart or foot, I am sure they would all agree that this place will do you some good. Nestled in the hills of the Hocking Valley in Laurelville Ohio is the most serene cozy and quaint little cabins known as Frontier Log Cabins. Mike and Teresa Smith (owners) and neighbors on Thompson Ridge Road just 6 mi. down the road from the Rock House in the Hocking Hills Region.
       For those of you not familiar with the Hocking Hills region in Ohio, let me give you a brief overview. It is said that it was given it's name by a native american tribe in which their language refered to Hocking as a bottle and the shape of these regions takes after that. In these hills are many natural wonders carved into the landscape and state highway 347 will take you to all of them, one right down the road from the other. Ash Cave, Old Mans Cave, Rock House, Cedar Falls etc.. And one can arrange canoeing,hiking,mountain biking, horseback riding,camping,zipline and soo much more.
        We have been visiting this area of Ohio many years and in our younger days would take many of these trails and see the wonders of this area. It really is a sight to see the wonders left here by God and Mother Nature. Another thing we love about this area is to get away from the hustle and noise of our daily lives and relax in a two century old log cabin that has been situated in a small section of land just off the Thompson Ridge known as Frontier Log Cabins.
        Back in the late 1980's, Mike and Teresa purchased the 40 acre tract of land and later moved a log cabin they had found onto the property and restored it. As Teresa described it, they(Mike,Teresa, and their little girls)took several years restoring it and then later decided to rent it to people coming to see local attractions. Over the years they did the same with 2 more cabins but placed all of them far enough apart to give you a sense of being alone in the wilderness but close enough you have the peace of mind to know you are not. And don't worry about the age of the cabins , they are not falling apart, along with their hard work is Mikes experience and knowledge of building and construction. These cabins are airtight and fully furnished with heat(furnace and gas fireplace) and A/C as well as a bed, sofa,rocking chair television(for playing movies/no TV reception)and a kitchen supplied with appliances and utensils.Also they each have a screened back porch with a Hot tub to aide your relaxation. Some time later they added a Cedar cottage that was once a school house and in recent years a more modern place they call the Hitchin' post.
      Since the early years of this century we have been making an annual trip down. We found Frontier Log Cabins purely by accident. I merely sent for some brochures of the Hocking Hills region from the Hocking Hills visitors bureau, one of theirs was in there and we looked it over and decide it looked like the kind of place we would like. We were wrong, we Loved it!The first few trips we stayed in the Cedar cabin on Thompson Ridge road, there are two large pines in the front yard to help hide it but when we were there recently these almost completely keep it hidden. We loved this quaint little place and stayed here a few times. The Smith's make sure everyone comes into a clean well kept shelter. Teresa also leaves small notebooks for the guests to write a small paragraph of their stay and maybe a few hints as to local places for you to visit and whatever some found interesting during their stay. Then there was "the Dollar Game" One guest found it neat to start a game among the guests. They hid one dollar somewhere in the cottage and left a hint as to it's hiding spot. As each guest would find it, they would do the same. Then one guest decided to add another and the last time we stayed there was up to 7 dollars somewhere in or around the grounds of the cabin and some of the clues were very well thought out to make you really think.
                                               To be continued......

Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Foods(to avoid) that make you look old or older

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                          Aging is fast enough without helping it along and most don't realize that ingesting certain foods will aid the aging process to a point that you look older than you are. I am sure we all remember a time when we wanted to look older than our age whether it was to get into a rated R movie or to appear older to someone we had a romantic crush on that wouldn't give us the time of day because we were "just a kid", Anyway, along comes middle age and then we are trying like hell to look our age and younger and thanks to yet another study, we can now know the right foods to avoid that are making us age faster. Or at least look older than we are.

         And Here they are:

  1. Alcohol : This is really a no brainer. Anyone who has had interaction with someone who ingests a large amount of alcohol on a daily basis has already seen the effects it can have on the aging process. 
  2. Acidic drinks like lemonade or coffee: I have a tough one here. I know many(including myself) who drink coffee all day every day and still refrain from accelerated aging.
  3. Beef and pork: No Kidding! They have said that sticking to a fish and chicken as your choice for the grill will keep that ageless look or at least not age your looks.
  4. Salt: Another no brainer. Keep an eye on your salt intake and remember, low sodium is as much a killer as too much so one should monitor their intake.
  5. Sweets: like all those delicious doughnuts we seem to think at an older age we can now eat because we will never have that girlish figure again will not only make us weigh more but will have an adverse effect on our youthfulness in our skin cells.
A word about studies:
           They are only as good as the one doing the study. Take the results with a grain of salt(but only a grain) Many don't reveal where or how or the other details. There are many other factors in our life that will age us faster. A life that is always in turmoil or "drama" will certainly age you as will the type of work you do the weather you expose your body to be it heat or blustery cold . I will say many of our diets will sometimes harm us but many other factors need to be studied

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Whatever happened to common Courtesy ?

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                       Forget proper etiquette, forget acceptable behavior, you can even forget good manners! All I want to know is whatever happened to common courtesy?
                       I was walking into a speedway gas station store when a younger generationist side stepped between myself and the door frame and on to the outside and never looked back. He did not bump into me but, he did startle me a second and never gave me time to react out of the doorway. Another incident involved a young married couple had an appointment with me set for my designated time to go home but I told them I would stay to meet with them. They were to be there @ 5:30pm, he was to go home after work, pick up his wife, and come to the appointment. I generally expect some to be a little late because of traffic or whatever but it was 6:45 when they arrived and offered no reason as to their lateness. On a small note, when I seat people at the desk, I always offer coffee,or water before we get started and it seems to me more often, the younger generation always answer with a okay, or sure or may be even a no. What happened to "please" or "yes thank you" or "none for me but thank you" I would always get upset with and correct my children if at a restaurant the wait staff might ask if they want a refill and they answered with"ye' sure" instead of a polite "please".and then stop their conversation when it was brought long enough to say "thank you".
                        I am aware of the days of Emily Post and what a proper person should say or do in any given situation but, give me break. If you cut someone off, say excuse me or even, oh I'm sorry,I didn't see you. If you are going to be late for an appointment, call and tell that person. You need not say why, just  at what time you expect to make it in. These are just practices of common courtesy and you will see more positive reaction from those you are associated with.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Opinionated, is it a bad thing?

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Full Definition of OPINIONATED

:  unduly adhering to one's own opinion or to preconceived notions

              This is how the word is defined. It says that if you hold strong to your beliefs or truisms that you are opinionated. It is meant as an insult. It has been used many times to describe someone who will not listen to reason but, is that not the opinion of the one doing the name calling? Isn't that same person who tries to dissuade you of your opinion also being opinionated?
              I have always been said to have an opinion on everything and it has been said that makes me opinionated. Generally, most describe the oldest of generations as being closed minded, cantankerous, and set in their ways. In other words, opinionated! I say it is something that describes everyone on this Gods green earth.In my opinion. Even those who are open to suggestions. 
             One who is open to suggestions means they have an opinion that can be swayed if someone presents a persuasive argument. It has also been said that a person can be labeled opinionated if he or she speaks their view without even being beckoned to do so. I have to take away from this also and say (in my opinion) that person can be said to be "outspoken" but again, to say this person is opinionated is the labeling persons opinion.

              In conclusion, it is my view that one who has an opinion on many topics is one who has their ear to the ground and their eyes wide open to the world's news. One who seems to not have an opinion on those things going on in their world are choosing to ignore the world around them. And this ,I guess makes them "Ignorant"

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Man released from jail after 27yrs after evidence proved false

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                A man's house caught fire one night in the middle of the night. he awoke and called 911 to report it and then failed at trying to save his wife and children. Arson and fire investigators used the charring pattern as evidence of the use of an excellerant. This therefore somehow proved to be arson. There are so many things wrong with this. Thanks to a law clinic he is now a free man. here is an excerpt from the story:

            the heat and fire overcame him before he could get to his daughters' room, and he was driven out of the house. Badly burned and dripping blood from his forearm, he looped around and tried to get to his family from outside, but the girls' window was too high. Neighbors had to hold him back to keep him from running back into the flames.

Despite that, police and prosecutors from the start focused on proving the case was arson, Moran said—despite a complete absence of motive. They argued the fire was too hot and moved too fast to be accidental. Experts used now-debunked theories to convince jurors that gasoline had been poured on the floor. One test that supposedly proved the presence of gasoline was simply botched by a State Police crime lab technician.

               This is yet another case where a Theory was used as fact and has robbed a man of 27 yrs. of his life. Many can say they can imagine how he must feel but, if you have never experienced anything near this then, you are so very wrong. Most of us have had strokes of bad luck but this much more than this. I can't see how a jury of his peers supposedly can be swayed so far to accept theory as fact. 
              Scientists like to refer to such things as Scientific evidence when it is in truth, conjecture. I personally have a friend whos house burned out almost totally when they were gone at work and the insurance company was claiming arson. With no one at home! Both adults were at work and the child was at the sitters. Their evidence? They had taken their animals out of the house. They had a flea problem so when they went to work, they set off flea bombs. The company claimed they place the flea bomb strategically so the last one set would fall soon and hit the cord to the tv which caused a spark and with the rest of the house filled with the pesticide it caused a flash of fire which then engulfed the house. This of course was prompted by the ins. company to keep from paying. they had to pay but these poor people had to fight for their money.

read the full article of the man recently freed

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CAR SELLING SHOWS/15 Steps to a car sale

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             I spoke with many car sales people whom have all told me that in their training, they were given steps to the sale to follow. Being one who has dabbled in the sales business, I can vouch for this because all companies from baby food to jet fuel have spent money on research to find the best steps to success for their sales people. Not so much for the sake of the sales people but for more selfish reason, namely the success of the company. Actually these steps, when modified very little would prove useful in any field.
            I tried to vary the age and experience of these pros in the car business so I could get a more rounded idea of what their take was on it. I reviewed their training and was even invited to sit in on a couple classes.
I copied down some variations and they are all pretty close. Most of the veterans told me these steps have been the same as long as they have been n the business. In some morning meetings the managers will touch on these and it is mainly because I found most of the salesmen can't memorize the steps that are what the managers say is what works. They claim if you follow these steps, you will be a success.
           I put these steps below, Then I made my own word for memorization and in less than a week, I sat in on a morning motivational meeting and in my own mind I, knew these steps as each sales person stumbled.
Steps to a car sale
  1. Greeting
  2. Address all points of concern (bigger,smaller,fuel economy)
  3. Do a trade walk around
  4. Land customer on a vehicle
  5. Pull out of spot and open it up(butterfly it, open hood,all doors,trunk)
  6. Alternative select (tell them they could save on payment with a lesser model)
  7. Test drive
  8. Alternative on test drive(could save on same model but older with more miles)
  9. Ask 3 very important questions 1)Do you like this car 2)is there anyone else you want to see it before you buy it? 3) Is there anything besides price at this point to keep you from buying today?
  10. Have them park in "the sold lane" if they have committed to a purchase if the price is right.
  11. Do a complete dealership walk when you enter and show them your service and other depts.
  12. Ask "How are we going to title this car"/ gives them mental ownership
  13. Offer refreshments while you seat them at a desk
  14. Write up the deal to present them and get a commitment as to what you need to earn their business
  15. Deliver the deal and the car
               These are the steps all successful car salesmen follow and say these are why they have made it such a great career. But I did find that asking any of these out of order , not one could name the step. I would go to one and another and say , " without your notes, give me step 5 or 8 or 11 and not one could do it. If the order is out, they are a mess. So I developed this acronym to help memorize all the steps no matter how you ask for it. I was able to do it and anyone of you if you are looking to find a way.
               I came up with this when a sales manager mentioned to his salesmen that they are putting on a show and each step is their role to learn. He was quick to point out not to fabricate but to get into their role with confidence and excitement.. Remember, he said, you may do this day in and day out but, these folks do this once every few years.Get excited for them when the desk gives them the deal they asked for. Congratulate them on getting the deal.
                 Click the link below to the easy way to learn these steps

                         CAR  SELLING   SHOWS

CAR SELLING SHOWS / learn the steps to the sale

Visit the archives page for more reading of past articles

                     This is the acronym I used to memorize the steps to the sale as per , who is known as a very successful salesman and says if you follow these steps, he knows you will be one too.
Customer greeted
Address all concerns
Rate the trade in

Select a vehicle based on their likes and dislikes
Expose the vehicle(butterfly it, show off its benefits and features)
Lower what they may have to pay by suggesting they model down
Let them drive and experience the car
Insist you could save them some payment by going to an older car
Now ask those 3 important questions 1)Do you like this car 2)is there anyone else you want to see it before you buy it? 3) Is there anything besides price at this point to keep you from buying today?
Get them to park in the sold lane(if you get the right answers)

Service walk around to show them the facilities of the car dealership
How are we titling the car?(ask this as you approach "the box")
Offer them a comfortable seat and refreshments
Write up the deal(pencil it and get their offer on where they would have to be to purchase)
Send them off with an unforgettable delivery!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

2015 Altima Sedan Review

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 starting MSRP  $22,300 for the base 2.5  
             The Altima is Nissans single most sought after sedan and rightly so. Nissan is one of those companies that wont fix it if it aint broke so our hats off to them. Change for the sake of change is just redundant. The new Altima comes with the same comfort in the 2013 models and a few options are now standard along with some options have now been added like the power passenger seat. This tells me that Nissan has their ear to the ground and they hear you.
         The 2015 Altima still boasts the upto 38mpg highway and is a top 3 pick on is the place to start to look at this sleek auto. It still has the same size and look of the 2014 and with the added sport package, it really has that added appeal.
              When you ride in an Altima you will have the quietest, most comfortable ride of your life. The zero gravity seats give your legs the support needed on those long trips. Comments from those who thought they would never venture from their Camry have gotten a real surprise how comfortable and quiet the Altima is. Not to mention the styling of the dashboard and it's technology perks and how easy on the eyes it is.I read a review that said the 2014 Altima and Camry were too close to call a winner but Altima has crossed the finish line way ahead of the Camry this year. We find the styling of the Camry's interior(gauges,radio,gadgets), rather plain when stacked up against the Altima           
 The 2015 models have hit the dealerships and available for sale! See whats new for 2015
2015 Altima Sedan What’s New 
Models and Options
New option package: Power Driver’s Seat Package on 2.5 S (previously standard)

Revised option package: Technology Package contents are now standard on 3.5 SV and 3.5 SL. The package remains available on 2.5 SV and 2.5 SL.
Revised fuel economy estimates on V6 models:

Highway estimate increases to 32 mpg. 
Combined estimate increases to 26 mpg. 

Revised fog light availability:

Fog lights are now standard on 2.5 SV (previously part of the Convenience Package).

Revised driver’s seat:
8-way power driver’s seat and power lumbar support are now standard on SV and SL models.
Revised front passenger’s seat:

A 4-way power passenger’s seat is now standard on SL models.
(was never an option before)

Revised interior trim:
Carpeting, seat lower side panel, seatbelt tongue covers, B-pillar lower panels, and kick plates are now charcoal color on vehicles with beige interior.
Comfort and Convenience
Revised sun visors on 3.5 S:

Sun visor extensions and illuminated vanity mirrors are deleted.
New feature: Intelligent Climate Control on SV and SL models

Intelligent Climate Control works in conjunction with Remote Engine Start on vehicles equipped with Automatic Temperature Control.

The system initiates the climate control temperature, fan speed, and air circulation mode based on factory programming and ambient temperature when the vehicle is started using Remote Engine Start.
If the Start button is pressed to begin driving before Remote Engine Start timeout, the HVAC will revert to the settings from the last time the engine was shut off.
Under certain conditions, the system starts in automatic defrost mode to clear the windshield, side windows, and rear window. If HVAC starts in defrost mode, the steering wheel heater and heated outside mirrors are also turned on (if equipped).
Audio Systems
Revised AM/FM/CD audio system on 2.5

The 2.5 base audio system now has 6 speakers.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fox news critical of President's view on marijuana

                       This morning (4/24/2014)while having my coffee, like many before, I switched on Fox news. I often agree with the Fox news team in their criticism of our government and administration and I congratulate them on their digging in and keeping their ears to the ground and reporting it to those of us "not" in the know.
                       This morning was a bit different. Repeatedly, they mentioned (over and over)the remark by President Barak Obama "I see marijuana use no more a danger than alcohol"(paraphrase) and then brought on their own Fox news medical contributor to dispute this. The reasoning was made by the doctor that marijuana was addictive and causes physical damage so should not be legalized. Actually he prefaced it with the words  "in my opinion" and then went on to say that based on studies or "studies show" etc....So then the very astute Fox news team assessed that the President was promoting drug usage in our youth and others and how out of touch he is with these studies. I beg to differ and offer my own opinion.
                  First, he said marijuana was no more harmful than or equated it's use to that of alcohol which, is very addictive. There is not one person I have ever known that did not know of someone who has suffered from  the reality of alcoholism. This is not something that is up for debate or, we would be debating it in the news. We have all seen the effects of alcoholism on not only the addicted, but also all those close to them. Why then am I not hearing a call to reinstate prohibition? Tell me Fox News , why did you folks not call for the doctor to tell us all about the addictiveness and physical damages of other things in our lives that are legal yet harmful. I would be willing to bet that everyone sitting on the Fox News couch this morning, have a sip or more of an alcoholic beverage from time to time. I'll even jump on that wagon with you because there are times when we all enjoy a drink. I am not an alcoholic and I very seldom take a drink. every once in a while I might have a glass of wine with my dinner. If your argument for non legalization is the harmful effects it CAN have, then we should include all things that fall under this.
                   What about cigarettes? We have known for over half a century about the fact that cigarettes contain carcinogens yet, I still see them on the shelf. If I have an understanding of what was being said, I gathered you condemning it saying it was a money maker for the government in so far as they collect a few tax dollars. Doesn't the government also gain tax dollars on alcohol and tobacco?
                      Another argument was that children can get into it if it isn't kept put away securely. Are you guys kidding me? Kids have been getting into things they were not allowed to since Cain slew Able. Tell any child something is only for adults and they immediately want to try it. It is forbidden fruit. It is the proverbial apple in the garden that God told Adam and Eve to never partake of. And what did they do?
                      It has been said by many in the medical field that legal marijuana use will provide a gateway to use of other drugs. This would be to say all beer drinkers eventually end up alcoholics hooked on pure grain alcohol. It goes out the window with the thought that legalized gambling and building a casino brings in drugs and prostitution and many other criminal elements. These are all brought on by Hollywood and people watching and believing this is the way of the world.
                       Don't misunderstand, I believe there is some drug dealers and some prostitutes that do business in legalized gambling houses but, I don't believe they weren't in that town before that venue arrived. I truly do not believe that "Mayberry" exists any longer If it ever did. Even so , they had a town drunk which people tuned in to laugh at. Isn't it amazing how socially acceptable that was way back when and so will legal use of marijuana in time.
                          To be clear. I am not one to use marijuana . Not that I have never. In my days as a young man, I, on occasion joined in the passing of the "doobie"(what it was called in the 70"s) and I grew up in a small Midwestern town that could have passed for "Mayberry" and yet it was readily available. Yet, as quoted from scripture "when I became a man, I put away my childish ways".Also do not mistake that clean cut American "opie" as a do-gooder. He too may be sewing his oats.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Employment offer/ Start today

                    Some people are completely against this opportunity because they are sure it is causing a crime wave in cities all over the country. People are having their phones and other pda's stolen from them even as they use them in a public setting. This, sadly is true but, any offering to buy used goods does the very same thing.
                    For decades anyone could take their scrap metal to the scrapyard and redeem money for it. Many think this is something new but it has been an option for many but until recently with the price of scrap going through the roof, it has gained more and more attention. Especially with the price of copper. This in itself caused many vacant homes to be robbed of the waterlines within it.
                   Also the same with aluminum. Many homeowners have wakened to find someone has removed the aluminum siding from their home. Not to mention the horror one finds on a home they put up for sale and get a call from a real estate agent telling them the entire house has been stripped.
                  I myself have been taking my unused scrap metal to the scrapyard. It still requires some work if you want paid top dollar. I had some old bicycles in the garage that were in disrepair and a couple non working lawn mowers as well as some no longer needed  storm windows. I separated the steel from the aluminum because if not they pay a lot lower for the aluminum. It also must be clean for top dollar.
                  This does not require any of that. FYI: On average there is $7,000 USD worth of unused electronic devices in every household in the US. If you have any of these devices, you could be making some big money right now. If you know someone who just does not want to bother sending in these electronics for cash, offer them a small percentage if you take care of it for them. This could be a big business for someone who would structure a good business model. Set up a drop station or offer to pick up old or unused or broken electronics for cash. Why would they do this? You are saving them time. It is the same reason people trade in their olod car at a dealership instead of selling it themselves, The dealer cleans and repairs and sells it for them and gains the profits.

Trade in Your MP3 Player for Fast Cash!

Trade in Your Game Devices for Fast Cash!

Trade in Your iPad for Fast Cash!

Trade in Your Digital Camera for Fast Cash!

Get Cash Fast for Your Used Cell Phones

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Vicious Cycle

                          I just read another great article in The Huffington Post about how a recent study shows that it is much cheaper to house the homeless than to let them live in the streets. It was a very well written story and centered on a few residents of a Housing first program that believes that getting a homeless person housing will lead to helping them get over other problems in their life.
                            One such resident was victim to job loss and then roommate loss before housing loss and then of course comes the loss of self respect. This loss is then multiplied many times over because many would find themselves trying to forget their strife and put it into a bottle or worse yet by putting a needle in their arm. This of course leads to addiction, this leads to crime and so forth .....medical problems occur and now you can figure out the rest of the story.
                          A housing first program puts homeless into housing without drug testing or requiring sobriety with the idea that they(male or female res.) will regain their self esteem, their sense of worth, and will regain their health.This will inspire to find gainful employment and will work to better their lives and I say bravo to this program as long as their is a timeline to abide to.
                            In all this is what the idea was behind the start of the welfare programs. To give a helping hand momentarily. To take a person off the street and help them to rediscover what life is like from another view. There is an old joke about a man who needs a job but, to get to the job he needs a car but the only way to get the car is to have a job.
                             The only way this saves anything is with time restraints on how long it can be done before these people are put into the job working class where they then have to spend hard earned dollars on housing, food and so forth. Many will do this and many will not and there in lies the problem. Also this study was done in the short term. It may have over a small amount of time resolved some issues within that community but after you house an individual year after year and housing costs rise, so does the cost to the community. There must always be rules and limits in place or one will be taken advantage of and just like the cliche' one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.
Read it here and be sure to comment on my view here
Housing the homeless cheaper than leaving on the street

Monday, March 24, 2014

Missing Malaysia Jet 370/Enough already

                                          I really don't mean to seem uncaring. Really, my heart goes out to those who had loved ones on that missing flight. But, the media has made a ratings war about it. The next time I want to her "BREAKING NEWS" It really should be . Not that yet another country has released a photo of something floating in the Indian Ocean so far away that all that can be for sure is that it isn't water. And stop having hour long news stories without any for sure developments. People tune in thinking they have answers when all they have is conjecture from someone who was once a pilot that says "It could be this " or "It could have happened like that". Firstly and foremost remember that anything released from the Chinese Gov't will be what they want you to know and take it with a grain of salt. This is a Gov't that are not fans of  freedom of information.Not that there is a Government out there that is 100% straight forward but I think we have a leg up on most of them.
                                        That being said, Am I the only one in the world that thought all flights could be tracked on radar no matter where they were or went in the world? I really did. I mean, I can sit in my home and power up my computer and with google earth, I can view the world. I really thought that with the technology today, nothing was unknown and now I find out that the Indian ocean is a world less traveled by any country in the world. Suppose you were on a ship that lost power so your beacon couldn't send a distress signal, You're pretty much screwed.  Not to make light of a bad situation but, remember the show "Lost"?  Survivors of a plane crash are out there somewhere and the world(literally) can not find them because they are in  remote part of the world. Something I thought only existed in the movies and television shows.Whatever happened to explorers like Columbus and Magellan (to name a couple) that traveled into areas where no man has gone before just to see what is there? 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Obama reaches out to young men of color

                             Cudos to President Obama for reaching out to young men who are likely in danger of incarceration due to making bad decisions in their life and telling them that they are the ones accountable.No one is to blame but them and that he understands what they are going through. He explains about his own life growing up without a father in the house, hanging with the wrong crowd, using illegal substances and making bad choices. He explains to them that they need to turn their life around and start making choices that will put a positive spin on their life and that they are ultimately the only one who  can do it.
                               I don't often give President Obama credit as I have not agreed with a whole lot this man has brought to the table as President. Some people call this anti - Obama but I disagree, I try to always keep an open mind and I like many would like the President to succeed in making the economy and this country we all live in, a place we can all have success. So I am giving him a pat on the back on this BUT, 
                             As always I must play the devils advocate.It is great to use himself as a example, he even uttered "I got high" and "I made bad choices" and I know what he was meaning was that he could have been or maybe he was in more serious trouble than need be and that they need to start making better choices that give them a more contented life. How many of these young men will take away from this that "if he did it and became president, then we can too" and believe there is plenty of time. If I would say to one of these men "you need to change your life and make better choices" why would they not look at me and say "President Obama made the same mistakes and still became president" Also many of these young men listen to lyrics of rappers like Jay Z and he talks about what he had to do to survive in the ghetto and now look at what I am and many start to believe this is the way. Especially when President Obama gives him a spot on the podium at his swearing in. These young men are not stupid by any means, they hear the talk but, they don't see the President walk the walk. Most of us know that they are just lyrics, Jay Z and others who rap the rap about growing up in that world are doing this to make a living and sell recordings. I hope they don't wish that lifestyle on anyone.
                          I try to be honest with my children and grandchildren and put myself in their shoes and age know that we all make mistakes as I did but, too many times they don't take the benefit of our experiences. They also look at it as,"your life turned out okay" and I say to them " yes but, not without alot of hard work for many years to overcome  something I did that only took an hour. And this could be something as small as a prank that goes awry and someone gets seriously hurt or as unthinking as having unprotected sex that can lead to a child that you must support or a disease that could end your life. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Believe.....

                   Just wanted to share these words of wisdom. Don't know where they are from so I just want to congratulate the curator and author and say Well done!
Birth Certificate shows that we were born. 

A Death Certificate shows that we died.
Pictures show that we live!
Have a seat. Relax . . .
and read this slowly.
I Believe... 
That just because two people argue,
It doesn't mean they don't love each other.
And just because they don't argue,
It doesn't mean they do love each other.
I Believe...
That we don't have to change friends if
We understand that friends change.
I Believe....
That no matter how good a friend is,
they're going to hurt you,
every once in a while
and you must forgive them for that.
I Believe.....
That true friendship continues to grow,
even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.
I Believe...
That you can do something in an instant
That will give you heartache for life.
I Believe....
That it's taking me a long time
To become the person I want to be.
I Believe...
That you should always leave loved ones with Loving words. It may be the last time you see them.
I Believe....
That you can keep going long after you think you can't.
I Believe....
That we are responsible for what
We do, no matter how we feel.
I Believe...
That either you control your attitude or it controls you.
I Believe....
That heroes are the people
who do what has to be done
when it needs to be done,
regardless of the consequences.
I Believe....
That my best friend and Ican do anything or nothing
and have the best time
I Believe....
That sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're
down will be the ones to help you get back up.
I Believe...
That sometimes when I'm angry
I have the right to be angry, but that
doesn't give me the right to be cruel.
I Believe...
That maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had
And what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.
I Believe.....
That it isn't always enough,
to be forgiven by others.
Sometimes, you have to learn
to forgive yourself.
I Believe...
That no matter how bad
your heart is broken,
the world doesn't stop for your grief.
I Believe....
That our background and circumstances
may have influenced who we are, but,
we are responsible for who we become.
I Believe...
That you shouldn't be
so eager to find out a secret.
It could change your life forever.
I Believe....
Two people can look at the exact same
Thing and see something totally different.
I Believe...
That your life can be changed
in a matter of hours
by people who don't even know you.
I Believe...
That even when you think
you have no more to give,
When a friend cries out to you,
you will find the strength to help.
I Believe...
That credentials on the wall
do not make you a decent human being.
I Believe...
That the people you care about
most in life are taken from you too soon.
I Believe...
That you should send this to
all of the people that you believe in.
 I just did.
'The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything;
They just make the most of everything they have

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Benefits of Energy Performance Certificates

by Gareth Hoyle
In decades gone by, few people were aware of their home's energy performance and what it really meant.

The introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) has brought the issue more into the public domain. EPC are legally required when a property is put on the market for sale or for rent. It provides potential buyers and tenants information on how energy efficient the property is along with recommendations on how to make the property more energy efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

" Information to help make an informed decision

The main purpose of the Energy Performance Certificate is to make people more aware of how energy efficient a property is before they choose to buy or rent it. However, the environmental impact of a home is unlikely to be the main consideration of someone looking to buy it but it's an important part of the bigger picture for many, especially when it comes to costs.

" Reducing fuel costs

Much has been made of the rising gas and electricity prices in the UK over the last few years. An Energy Performance Certificate tells you estimated current and potential fuel costs for the property in question. The potential figures are a guide as to what you would pay if you made the house more energy efficient.

If you're buying a property and plan to stay there for a long time it will usually be in your best interests financially to make the suggested improvements so you can make savings on your monthly fuel bills.

" Recommendations for improvement

As mentioned above, an EPC will suggest areas where you can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Areas that are often highlighted are those where energy performance could be improved these include low energy lighting, cavity wall insulation, double glazing and replacing your boiler.


The Energy Performance Certificate survived after Home Information Packs were stopped in England & Wales in 2010 and are still a key part of the Home Report used in Scotland.

Helping people to save money and make their homes greener are two welcome benefits and it looks like Energy Performance Certificates are here to stay.

About the Author

The Co-operative Legal Services website has more information on Energy Performance Certificates and they offer a professional conveyancing service for when you come to buy or sell your home.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

How do I Restart my credit rating

                            Restarting your credit can be a tumultuous task. It involves a lot of dedication to not only get someone to take a chance that you will pay back the loan,but you will do so  in a timely fashion . It may take some saving of some funds, ney, it will take some saving of funds and it will take some patience. This will not happen overnight or even over a month or so but, with hard work and dedication. Also, take stock in the fact that it will not be fair although the financial institutions are said to be following the fair credit act. Lets cover that first.
                            It will not seem fair to you that you will be paying a much higher interest rate than someone who has a better credit rating. This seems kinda upside down that those with more money get the better rate but, it is better explained that those who have not been as late on repayment in the past are the ones who get the better rate.In my experience, I have had people with incomes in the upper crust of society who have horrible credit (500 - 600). I once questioned this to my finance person"how can someone who makes that kind of money have such bad credit?" The answer was very simple, It makes no difference, even if you make a million a year but,think you can spend one million and one dollar to live on, you simply can't pay all your bills, ipso facto, your credit score goes down. The more your credit score goes down the higher your interest rate will be on the next loan.
                               It also will not seem fair that you will be required to come up with a higher down payment. This is usual as the bank or financial institution  loaning the money may want you to have some skin in the game. You may think that the measly $20,000.00 you want won't break the bank and you would be right but, The officer at the bank has his/her job on the line. They are the ones looking over your payment history and if they approve you and you default, it's kinda like three strikes and your out.
                                 The higher down payment may also be to get the item being purchased within loan value.For instance, you want to buy on time, a $20,000.00 car. Even if the bank says the car is within loan value, when you add tax of maybe $1400.00 and title cost, the loan is now over loan value so, you will need to pay the difference between the two.
                                   Another factor can be the fee the bank will charge to approve the loan. This is really thought of as unfair by those wanting the loan but not so much by those granting it. In my opinion it could be done differently. It would still cost you money in the beginning but could be given back as a reward.  The fee charged by banks to approve a loan for a customer varies. For someone with a near perfect credit score, the bank will charge a minimal fee for granting the loan. For someone who's credit score is below 500, I have seen the fee as high as $3,000.00 or more and a very high interest rate.maybe 25%.and only loan 80 - 90%  of the value of the merchandise. In short: That $20,000.00 car may well be valued at that amount but, the bank will only loan $18,000.00(90%) on it, meaning you have to come up with the other $2,000.00. Even if the car lot is selling the same $20,000.00 car for $17,000.00 + tax + title = $18,000.00 (roughly) plus a loan fee of $2000.00, again in this case, you must supply the $2,000.00.
                                  You are basically paying someone to give you another chance. To prove that you can be trusted. To regain your pride and your ability to purchase on credit. I use a car loan because it is believed that a car loan paid on time over the course of time will rebuild your credit faster than say buying  a watch or repaying a credit card on time.
                                    If you are serious about jump starting your credit score, be prepared to take some money out of pocket. Maybe as little as $1000.00. Maybe less but rarely.
                                 Also, this is not done yet but maybe in the future, I think we could show some appreciation to those who knuckle down and follow through with their new found credit by giving back maybe at least 75% of an extremely high bank fee when the loan has been repaid on time throughout the term of the loan. For example: your bank fee is 2,000.00 and you make your payments on time (every single one) The bank,in my opinion, should rebate you 1500.00 when the final payment is made. As I said, this isn't how it is but I think it should be.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Myths of Bankruptcy

by Bass.Franklin
Like most formidable situations, bankruptcy has earned its reputation based on a few truthful facts and too many embellishments. Much of this misinformation was disseminated to the public after the new bankruptcy laws went into effect in 2005. Once you know the facts, filing for bankruptcy is not nearly as frightening as it first appears. Here are some of the most common myths about bankruptcy that you need to know before you begin your fresh start.

Myth #1: It is very difficult to file for bankruptcy.

Not true. The new bankruptcy laws have drastically decreased the amount of time it takes to be discharged from bankruptcy down to nine months. In today’s economic climate, it is understandable that individuals need to file for bankruptcy for a new beginning. A qualified, experienced bankruptcy lawyer can make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Myth #2: You will lose everything.

This one of the biggest misconceptions that deter people who should from filing. Bankruptcy laws do vary from state to state, but every state has exemptions that can protect certain assets, such as your house, car (of reasonable value), qualified retirement plans, household goods and necessary clothing.

Myth #3: You will never get credit again.

Quite the opposite. Before you know it, your mailbox will be blossoming with credit cards offers again. The catch is that they will be from subprime lenders charging very high interest rates. In fact, you have a credit card with no balance at the time you file, you don’t have to include it in your list of creditors, since you don’t owe them money. There is also a good chance you may be able to keep the card after the bankruptcy.

Myth #4: If you are married, both spouses have to file.

This is not entirely true. It is uncommon for one spouse to have a significant amount of debt in their name only. If there are debts that a married couple wants to get discharged that they are both liable for, they should file together. If only one spouse files for bankruptcy, the creditors usually demand the entire payment from the spouse who didn’t file.

Myth #5: You can only file for bankruptcy once.

You can actually file for bankruptcy more than once, but the new bankruptcy laws extended the amount of time in between filings. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be filed for once every eight years and a Chapter 13 filing every two years. If you want to file for both on separate occasions, there is a four year wait in between the two.

Myth #6: Everyone will know you filed for bankruptcy.

Unless you are a very prominent person or a major corporation and the media catches wind, the only people that will know about your filing is your creditors. The amount of people filing is so immense that very few publications have the time, space or inclination to run them.

If you are seriously considering bankruptcy and you live in California, you need to consult with a California bankruptcy lawyer. While the process is complicated, they will be able to help you understand your options and help you avoid making bad decisions that you could later regret. If you are over-burdened with bills and cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, bankruptcy may be the best option to help you get that much needed fresh start and allow you to rebuild your future. The law offices of Borowitz, Lozano and Clark, LLP specialize in California bankruptcy and exclusively represent debtors in Consumer and Small Business Bankruptcies. They have helped over 20,000 families get free from the burden of debt since 1997. Call today for a free debt consultation at 1-800-509-3200.

About the Author

Ethan Luke. california bankruptcy lawyer - To get in touch with a California bankruptcy lawyer who will take your case from start to finish, contact the attorneys at Borowitz, Lozano & Clark at

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Advantages of Buying Used Cars

by richardlonguk
Used cars have the best value in the automobile market. Especially it is for late-models that are tough to find in the automobile market. Buying a used car is having benefits such as lower initial purchase price and as well as lower property taxes and insurance costs. Buying a used car is a better option that often helps to get better equipped vehicle than to buy an unaffordable new car. But finding a used car in better shape and with a better balance of value and risk is a very tough task. Here are some things that you need to consider before buying a used car.

How Reliable used cars are?

The improved reliability has made the used cars tempting for the people that are not able to afford new cars. The reliability of cars is having vastly improved as from what it was before. The troubles with the used cars have decreased to a fraction of what it was used to be before. The old and common problems like rust and exhaust-system problems are no longer a concern for the person buying the old used car. As a result buying a used vehicle is not much of risk now a time.
Repairs and warranties

Maintenance and repair costs are very important things to consider while buying a used car, even though they are more reliable then before what they used to be. In the first few years of purchase there are very few or no need of any repair and if there are then they are just covered under the warranty. A used car sometimes is old enough that it is out of its warranty period or it is near it.

It means that the owner would have to pay for most of the repair work and the replacement works like replacing tires, brakes, or a battery—high-wear items that often aren't covered by a warranty by any means. If necessary the replacing expense would be relatively less then the overall what you spend for buying a new car. There is also a risk that you end up buying a lemon. So before buying a used up car just get an expert or a mechanic to look at it thoroughly.

Depreciation rate on used cars

The disadvantage of buying a new car is that it undergoes the depreciation in the first few years rapidly. The factors that determine the depreciation are including the model's popularity, perceived quality, supply, and whether or not the vehicle is of the current design or not.

Safety features

Used cars as are older then the latest models are and they do not have the same safety features that a new car have. The features such as electronic stability control (ESC), head-protecting curtain air bags, LATCH child-seat restraints, and advanced frontal air-bag systems which are latest do not come in with the used cars. But the general safety features such as antilock brakes, traction control, and side air bags are available in the used cars.

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BuyYourCar isn't just about finding your next used car, we can even help you sell your Used Cars at the most competitive rates.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Play Angry Birds Free


by dhody2200
Angry Birds is a very addictive game, so be warned, it is an excellent form of entertainment as you use various skills to defect the evil green pigs which stole the Birds’ eggs. Now you know why they are angry. As a gamer, your job is to kill the evil pigs by catapulting the Angry Birds at the structures the green pigs are hiding in. The graphics in this game are superb, as those birds look really fierce and mean hombres. They mean business and are out to get those pilfering piggies. The whole game appeals to my admittedly black sense of humor. If you are feeling particularly evil then play Angry Birds and take out your aggression on the pigs.

You have to use your skill and basic knowledge of physics to help you defeat the evil ones. The game has 120 levels and to unlock a new level you have to have defeated the pigs before or upon using up your last bird. You get stars and points at the end of each successfully completed level, and when a level has been unlocked, you can go back and play it as many times as you like in order to increase your score.

Personally I love the red angry birds, which are just as far away as you can get from the cute robins so often found on Christmas cards, and I adore the white doves-like birds that can drop explosive eggs. The whole game appeals to my admittedly black sense of humor. If you are feeling particularly evil then play Angry Birds and take out your aggression on the pigs. Now you can play for free wherever you are if you have a smartphone.

As you move up the levels the pigs come in different sizes and the ones wearing the crowns are the most indestructible. Others wear helmets and/or Armour, so they become increasingly difficult to annihilate. To combat them the birds come with different properties of destructiveness, for example the black bird explodes, and the blue ones- far from being joyous little song-birds, split into a lethal force of three. Specific birds are also effective against the different materials of the shelters the pigs choose to shelter in, these are made of wood, stone and ice, so you have to think logically about which bird will be of most destructive use in your battle against the pigs.

The levels have interesting names too, there’s “Summer picnic” and “Seasons Greetings” and a host of others similarly cleverly titled. It is hardly surprising that the game has sold millions of copies since it was first launched in the Apple App Store. Now you can play for free wherever you are if you have a smartphone. You can now play online for free and this is good if you haven’t bought the app or want to play on a different device. Why not start to play for free now? Make sure that you have got a lot of time to spare, though as it really is a compulsive game.

About the Author

I am the author of this site and publish articles on play angry birds and play angry birds free.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sage Kotsenburg wins first gold in Sochi

                           Sage Kotsenburg rides style to top of Olympic podium  (USA TODAY) as quoted from the USA TODAY article online as soon as he and fellow snowboarders rolled around in the snow congratulating each other. Sage became the first to win gold in this event not only in the USA but the world. This event had it's debut this year in Sochi and is sure to be a regular event.
                           How are the olympics scored from country to country is a non known answer. Some countries only count the amount of Gold medals and some (USA media) count total medals. In my opinion, if Gold is top honors it should carry more weight(points) and the same with silver and bronze respectively. ie: 3 points for Gold, 2 points for silver and 1 point for bronze. This seems fair to me and I believe the international olympic committee should adopt some type of this. Granted it may take some doing as I am sure this would change the outcome of some past games but, I believe it needs to be established. Think about it this way, should a country win say 20 silver and 5 bronze be considered winners over a country that say wins 14 gold and 5 silver ? If counting only total medals  it would be 25 - 19 with the former winning over the latter. In my suggested scoring it would be  (14x3)+(5x2) =52  compared to (20x2) + (5 x 1) =45.
Maybe because this would take some figuring and not as simple as adding total medals but I believe it is only fair to the athletes and their respective countries.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super bowl XLVIII in review 02/02/2014

                                         Super bowl XLVIII will go down as the one with the earliest score on the board in history. I must say , I as well as many did not think this was how the first play of the game was going to happen. Not only was it the earliest ever score but it is the first time the defense scored the first points in the game.
                                            There was a lot of smack being tossed around about this being the game between teams based in the only 2 states in the USA with legalized recreational marijuana but it appears early in the game that Denvers game plan just might go Up in Smoke. The very first play saw the snap go over the head of Manning and end up a safety for Seattle to take the lead by 2. Not long after, Seattle put 3 more points on the board with a field goal. With just over 2.5 minutes remaining in the first quarter,Denver was able to stop a TD pass and forced Seattle to settle for an 8 - 0 lead with 3 more FG points at 2:16 left in the first quarter.
                                           The first penalty in the game was against Denver for a late hit on a kick play and the first turnover was with 1:00 left when Seattle intercepted a pass from Manning. Bringing the end of the first quarter with Seattle flexing it's muscles at Denver with 8 points to their goose egg.
             Seattle took advantage of their possession by putting another 7 points on the board in their first drive in the second quarter giving them a 15 - 0 lead as Mark john Lynch made his way easily across the goal line with 12:00 min. remaining in the 2nd. The next 8 min. went by pretty regular with Denver gaining their first 1st down to Seattles 9 1st downs at the 10 min. mark and just when you thought Denver was on a scoring drive, Seattle's Malcolm Smith picked off yet another Peyton Manning pass and took it downfield to put yet another 6 + 1 on the board giving the Seahawks a 22 - 0 lead.
             Denver's first shot at putting some points on the scoreboard came with 1:00 min left in the 1st half when in a 4th and 2 situation, chose to go for 6 instead of 3 and did not come out well for Denver. I am never one to watch the Super bowl for the halftime show but if I am a Denver fan, I think I would be more entertained by Bruno Mars halftime show than the first half of this game so far.
              In my opinion, in the first half it appears that Denver came to play around and Seattle came to play, PERIOD!!!   It is starting to look like Denver is on a Rocky Mountain High with Cheech and Chong blowing smoke on the sidelines and the players have been replaced by the Doobie brothers and Peyton Manning has been possessed George Carlin's Hippy Dippy weatherman character.

                  The 3rd quarter did not start well for Denver as they kicked to Seattle and it was returned 88 yards by Seahawks Percy Hardin to put yet another 6 + 1 on the board bringing the score to 29 - 0. Also with 3 min left in the 3rd quarter the Seahawks hit no. 15 Jermaine Kearse who took it in for a TD reception bringing it now to a 36 - 0 .
                 Denver finally got some points on the board  with a TD pass with less than a minute left in the third quarter  and then put 2 more on a conversion making it 36 - 8. This seemed to have no effect on Seattle as Russel Wilson hit Baldwin a few minutes later who took it across for six more and then 1 bringing it to 43 points for Seattle. 
                   Seattle it seemed was going to break the high point super bowl record set by San Fransisco in super bowl XXIV  with 55 points but they stopped at the 43 point level. There was not anymore scores put on the board making the final 43 - 8 and the first super bowl win for Seattle.

Best Commercial
Puppy Love by Budwieser  and Budwieser's returning soldier homecoming gets my vote. The second was the Doritos one with the little cowboy riding the family dog.


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